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United States Army National Guard, Family and Youth Programs Branch (Sept. 2017)

Cybermedia Technologies Inc. (CTEC) has been awarded the contract (contract # W91WAW-11-D-0021-2T01) for the Family Readiness Support Services in support of the United States Army National Guard, Family and Youth Programs Branch. 

CTEC located in Reston, VA has been in business for 21 years and has been serving our military families for 10+ years. CTEC is a small business with a strong commitment to this Program and CTEC Senior Management intends, to the maximum extent possible while adhering to contract requirements, keep the current team intact to provide the best service to our soldier community. We will work with each State, Territory and the District of Columbia to ensure a smooth transition and to provide the SFPD’s with a team of highly motivated and well-qualified contract support.

Digital Communications Management Platform Announcement (Apr. 2017)

Digital Communications Management Platform Announcement from Cybermedia Technologies, Inc. on Vimeo.

CTEC has won a new contract with Department of Interior to lead the charge for the entire federal government's Digital Communications Strategy. We are teamed with SalesForce, Carahsoft, and DEG Digital on this effort. The contract was awarded April 20, 2017 and valued at $46M for the next 5 years.

Salesforce is the leading digital communications platform in the industry, and is ranked as a Market Leader in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrants for Digital Marketing Hubs and Relationship Management SaaS. It is not only the marketing platform of choice for the world's largest and most recognizable brands like Amazon, JetBlue, Dunkin Donuts, but it is also used by the White House and other Federal, State and local government agencies with over 40 ATOs currently in place within the various federal agencies.  

With its scalable, full lifecycle approach to customer engagement, this new platform will enable you to communicate with citizens, partners, and even your employees in entirely new ways, including:

  • Customizable, targeted messaging.  Connect with subscribers based on distinct preferences and behavior to increase engagement.
  • Create amazing content without coding! The drop & drag user interface provides ease of use for all.  
  • A multi-channel environment. Full suite of services includes mobile, social, web, online and automation to engage citizens in the medium of their choice.
  • Real-time engagement analytics. Choose from dozens of pre-built, dashboards, easily accessible reports and ad-hoc reporting interface for quickly generating custom reports.
  • Seamless integration with your current environment. Spark greater engagement by delivering messages the consumer needs to hear along their journey.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new platform and how it can help you get the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

Navy SeaPort-e (Ongoing)

 Navy SeaPort-e Rolling Admission, Solicitation # N00178-16-R-4000

Point of Contact: Kay Ramesh, President and CEO


Recent Task Order:

In Progress

Team Capabilities:

Functional Service Area

CTEC Capability

Research and Development Support

CTEC will support/implement responsive solutions to include emerging technology, responsive web design, mobile technology, analytics, and innovative enterprise architecture, Internet/Intranet modernization, and use of Content Management Systems. CTEC will research and introduce new technologies such as social media dashboards, Apps, email distribution software (e.g., GovDelivery), content management systems, latest website design trends, and blogging platforms. We will provide research briefings on such as: Web-based collaborative technology, Wireless technology, Content management systems, Search engine optimization, XML technology, Listserv/mailing list technology, Podcasting, and Mobile application development. For the above, CTEC would carry out the following activities: Requirements Analysis, Feasibility Study, Risk Analysis, and Cost Benefit Analysis

Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support

We follow a deliberate process implementing, where applicable, ITILv3, CMMI Level 3, and ISO 9000 principles and procedures to present an organized, documented, and reviewable process toward system design and engineering. Our IT implementation roadmap includes:

·   Evaluate existing systems and identify deficiencies (catalog systems and interactions)

·   Define new system requirements. In particular, the deficiencies in the existing system will be addressed with specific proposals for improvement (SOA and Agile methods)

·   Create design documents of the system for federal approval.

·   Develop the new system to include obtaining or creating various identified components. All aspects of the implementation will be taken into account, to include the as-is and future requirements (through a gap analysis) for the following components:

  • Physical Configuration – Physical Systems, Virtual Systems, Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security – Physical, logical, HSPD-12, Interconnections, Front-End, Middleware, Back-End
  • Software Configurations – Operating Systems, GOTS, COTS, Scripts, Custom Programming
  • Network – Communications, Protocols (IPv4, IPv6)
  • Storage Requirements – SAN, NAS, Database Requirements
  • Integration Testing – Development and Test Environments
  • Problem Remediation – All phases, including Evaluation, Integration Testing, and Deployment
  • Installation/Deployment Planning and Execution – Planning, Execution, Post Deployment Support

·   Provide training events and/or create training materials.

·   Prepare and execute a system test plan.

·   Remedy and deficiencies identified during testing.

·   Develop and conduct user training.

·   Develop and implement a system installation plan.

·   We will then begin the development of the solution in a comprehensive manner. This includes the planning, development, acquisition, and implementation in accordance with government policies, procedures, and configuration management processes.

Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

CTEC provides modeling & simulation (M&S) technology to support systems development and create training solutions. Our M&S services include simulation software and training simulators; databases; 3D models; systems engineering and analysis; verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A); test and evaluation support.

Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support

From a design perspective, we create lean prototypes and interaction models such as design wireframes and mockups to reflect visual design, task flows and user specifications, and to communicate scenarios, end-to-end experiences, and screen designs to stakeholders. We develop intuitive navigation structures, information architectures, and user interfaces using user-centered or task/goal-directed design principles, and UI best practices. CTEC has provided UI/UX design, development, testing, and 508 compliance support across a multitude of DHS USCIS applications. Our solutions have incorporated; a modern user interface, search engines, bread crumbs, announcement/message boards, responsive web design/HTML 5 (mobile device friendly), and social media incorporation (wherever needed).

System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

For DHS-CBP, GSA-FAS, DAU, House of Representatives, and multiple other contracts, we have provided support for meeting the customers’ gold documentation standard, utilizing agency templates, following naming and coding conventions, interface designs, requirements traceability, and 508 compliance requirements. CTEC also participated in technology planning processes to document and update technical specifications of the agency classified and unclassified operational requirements recommend technical specifications for classified and unclassified operation strategies and plans for introducing new infrastructure architectures, platforms, and systems; Reviewed current policies and guidelines to ensure network complies with all security requirements; provide recommendations on updates to security policies and guidelines; review and draft system security plans, supporting documentation, contingency plans, interconnection agreements, configuration management plans, privacy impact assessments, risk assessment, Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) plans.

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

CTEC is a CMMI level 3 appraised, ISO 9001:2008 company that under our current contract to Department of Interior provides IT Operations and Maintenance planning and scheduling with goal of network stability. CTEC conducts requirements gathering for Remedy customizations and collaborate with developer(s) to implement enhancements in development and production environments. Perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) prior to new rollouts of database and modules. We review and test possible changes in development environment—modify and approve prior to release in production.

Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support

For several systems development and software development projects such as the DHS-CBP, Department of Interior modernization work, and the House of Representatives infrastructure upgrade contracts, CTEC used a defect tracking system (i.e., Jira) for purposes of allowing the software development team to initiate, track, and report defects during testing periods and in production. We initiated creation of the test plan during the development phase. The test plan identified and described our approach and techniques to be used for testing the system and verified that the use cases drafted in the Functional Requirements were satisfied prior to delivery of the application. The test plan contained the testing schedule, including entry and exit criteria for each test phase and was developed and submitted to the customer for approval.

Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

We understand that Human Factors Engineering and Usability, especially with the goal of Universal Usability, encompasses the standards and guidelines of design for accessibility. The aim of these guidelines is to facilitate the use of a software application or system for people with disabilities. Examples of guidelines we follow are: 1.The Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines, 2.The Section 508 government guidelines applicable to all public-sector websites, 3.The ADA Guidelines for accessibility of state and local government websites, and 4.The IBM Guidelines for accessibility of websites. Our Usability Engineers conduct usability evaluations of existing or proposed interfaces and their findings are fed back to the designer for use in design or redesign. Common usability evaluation methods include: Usability testing, Interviews, Focus groups, Questionnaires/surveys, Cognitive walkthroughs, Heuristic evaluations etc., which we have successfully employed on several contracts for systems engineering, software development, and learning products development.

System Safety Engineering Support

CTEC currently won a large IDIQ for Commerce, Census Bureau for Systems Engineering and this is one of our specialty areas. System Safety is one method of communication between the Engineering process working on a system and the Decision-Making process which must decide if the Risks involved in the system are acceptable. Under our current contract with Department of Interior( DOI), titled BMC Remedy Engineering Services CTEC provides some of the following services:

·   Collaborates with security engineers on network firewall and routing devices to ensure the appropriate level of protection and adherence to the goals of the overall information

·   Security strategy and security requirements. Work with the finance team and Federal Designated Agency Representative (DAR) regarding circuit provisioning, Lan 2 Lan, and satellite and equipment orders.

·   Communicate and plan impacting events with executive team

·   Consult with DOI and Bureau Chief IT Security Officers regarding network changes;

·   Participate in frequent strategy and technology planning sessions

·   Maintain and distribute Forward Schedule of Change providing

network change details

Configuration Management (CM) Support

CTEC currently provides support under our Department of Interior contract where we currently perform using BMC Remedy suite of tools at the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Chief Information Officer where it is working successfully with our prime contractor, Futron, to manage an enterprise Change Management program for the Department of the Interior’s IT network. This pre-established relationship includes the implementation of a Network Operation project, firewall and Networx Circuit, Change Requests and Change Activities for all 13 bureaus in DOI using BMC Remedy 7.0 and 8.x system modules. Tasks on this contract include, but are not limited to:

·   Ensure lifecycle continuous improvement process compliance, ITIL working methods and tools of network change management

·   Establish current IT process and procedures for

·   Enterprise Change Management (ESN), Network

·   Maintenance process and policy, and SLAs for

·   Enterprise Services Network to maintain stable operating environment

·   Workflow management: Support infrastructure operations for enterprise/network projects

·   Manage the daily Change Advisory Board (CAB) hosting Bureau representatives and Vendor Network

·   Operations Center

·   Customer Relationship management (Customer Interaction and Contract Performance Working Group Meetings) among ESN, DOI bureaus and Vendors

Quality Assurance (QA) Support

For each awarded Task Area we will identify specific quality control measures and Quality Control personnel to make certain that performance and quality standards are met throughout the life of the task. Our QA and QC Plans identify the individuals responsible for ensuring those obligations are met. CTEC will incorporate the minimum elements into its QA and QC Plan: Roles and Responsibilities, Project Performance Characteristics, Definition of Business Requirements, Phased Gate Reviews with emphasis on documentation, Definition of contractor quality control management lines of responsibility, Quality Control Management System Process, Internal Design Review/Change Control Process, Internal Document Control Process, External Document Control Process for GFI, Preliminary systems testing and evaluation, Process for the execution of Corrective Actions, Process for maintaining Quality Assurance records throughout the project lifecycle, Process for performing random internal Quality Control audits

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

As Part of our Information Assurance measures, CTEC establishes and satisfies complex system-wide information security requirements based upon their analysis of user, policy, regulatory, and resource demands; We support customers at the highest levels in the development and implementation of policies; We assess Government and commercially developed common user systems, as well as dedicated special purpose systems requiring specialized security features and procedures; we participate in planning and executing the SDLC process; We prepare, review and comment on all SDLC security documents; We ensure appropriate security controls are applied during each SDLC phase (e.g., software CM); We ensure the implementation and maintenance of security controls in accordance with the System Security Plan (SSP) and agency policy; We provides guidance, oversight, and expertise, develop security documents, and implement security controls, and additionally handle Security Program Support and Analysis of Security Patch Upgrades. We handle emergency fixes, emergency security patches, legislative patches, critical patch updates, and baseline security hardening of database and applications modules under this task. Patch management involves planning, testing in a controlled environment, and deployment to stage and production environments.

Inactivation and Disposal Support

CTEC has several contracts that require specific handling of information and hardware. As a result, CTEC understands the requirements for handling and managing sensitive data and related equipment. Under our Department of Interior program, CTEC Maintenance of all Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) assets for audits, moves, and disposals. We also did the following:

·   Maintain all data collected which is stored in BMC Remedy Asset Management Module

·   Created and maintained Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of assets, which were later input into Remedy.

·   Manage IP addresses by matching the user to the machine and address

·   Knowledge Management: With the introduction of the Remedy tool, we were able to take advantage of Remedy training in skill port for knowledge management.

·   Functioning as Change and Configuration Manager maintaining Remedy’s CMDB

·   Developed the Service Desk Catalog

Measure contract performance versus service level targets and industry best practices by using Remedy’s metrics and reporting tool (data archiving and report automation).

Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

For the Department of Interior, CTEC is providing the

following services:

·   Testing and Certification Services

·   Performed Application testing, security requirement testing, Certification and Accreditation testing as required

Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support

Sensors, measurements, and instrumentation are the cornerstones of hands-on learning in engineering. Under CTEC’s current contract for Department of Interior, BMC Remedy Engineering Services, CTEC’s staff perform on this contract by utilizing the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite of modules are as follows:

·   Maintaining Remedy’s CMDB of circuits, routers, and phone lines for nationwide wireless network

·   Managing Remedy Asset tool for all routers, switches, firewalls

·   Designed and supported BMC Remedy platform for Requests for Change

·   Developed the Service Desk's (Tier 2-3) processes for Incident, Problem, Configuration, Change, Availability, Release, Service, and Service Level Management according to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) definitions

·   Maintaining all assets, including software licenses, in Remedy’s configuration management Asset Management module

This integration to BMC Remedy Change Management integration provides the ability to initiate and monitor key activities related to Move, Add, Change (MAC) initiatives in the network environment. Key features of Remedy Web Service Integration: Some of the key features of such integration would be one-click integration, data correlation, and open standards.

Logistics Support

CTEC supports the Army Community Service Program at Ft. Polk. We provide administrative support to office operations and logistical support of contract operations. CTEC personnel deal with correspondence and reports, data reports, training and orientation for soldiers and families as part of the Army Community Service Center. Specific support areas include: Interviewing and assessment of clients; client referrals and follow-up; crisis support, training support; clerical/ administrative support; perform records and file maintenance; document management and maintenance; online support services for Military One Source website; and quality control support. Provide logistical support to clients; conduct training and briefings; distribute education materials that support families, builds coping skills and ease the stress of deployments experienced by military families; support the implementation, coordination and administration of the Deployment and Mobilization Program. These services are provided in accordance with AR 608-1, Army Community Services and Fort Polk’s ACS – Standing Operating Procedures.

Supply and Provisioning Support

CTEC personnel under our Army Community Service contract at Ft. Polk cover a range on administrative and program support services that provide assistance to warfighters and their families. This includes similar handling of Client processing, referrals, maintenance of MPFs, customer service, personnel actions, FOIA and Official Mail support, and administrative and document services

Training Support

Technical Training Support

CTEC supports training development for FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute and the National Fire Academy as part of a five-year IDIQ contract. We are currently supporting eight task orders of varying sizes that range from small course revisions to complete development of new courses. On one specific task order, CTEC is revising the Flood Plain Management: An Integrated Approach Course for the FEMA Higher Education Program. The online course was developed from classroom-based training materials provided by the client and it is fully Section 508 compliant. On this project, CTEC’s Project Manager and Instructional Designer/Lead Developer worked with the client stakeholders to: develop a project management plan; develop GFM reports; CTEC conducts a focus group; develop 15 units of content; and develop final course materials. Each unit was reviewed for content by our ISD, programmed to fit the FEMA EMI template by our programmers, had graphics modified by our graphic artists and went through rigorous Section 508 testing by our quality assurance team.

Professional Development and Training Support

CTEC is a current prime contractor under our Defense Acquisition University (DAU) - Training Assets Development Support Contract. Currently, CTEC is championing requirements issued by DAU Global Learning & Technology Center (GLTC) and supporting DAU curriculum design and development for the newly formed College of Contract Management (CCM). CTEC has developed an integrated solution to DAU learning assets in various forms such as:

·   Instructor- facilitated, virtual, and traditional classroom-based experiences supported by Blackboard, DCO Connect, telepresence infrastructure and other communication and learning technologies

·   Rapid deployment training (RDT) in classroom or on line formats

·   Job support and knowledge sharing products for classroom and online formats

·   SCORM-conformant Distance Learning (DL), and Continuous Learning (CL) self-paced DCMA

·   Aircraft Operations (AO) courses offered through DAU’s Learning Management System (LMS)

CTEC is developing learning assets, systems and processes to support the CCM and AO mission and is responding to ongoing organizational changes as they arise. CTEC has emphasized innovative application of classroom experiences, blended learning, mobile learning, SCORM-based distance learning, knowledge management techniques, and providing information that support the objectives and scope of each task order.

In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support

CTEC as a subcontractor under our Department of Interior BMC Engineering Services contract provides the following relevant services:

·   Network Operations:

  • Telecommunications Environment Management/ VOIP
  • Technologies/ Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • IT Operations and Maintenance planning and scheduling with goal of network stability
  • Developed, documented, and implemented two factor authentication and authorization for ESN VPN service
  • Optimized remote access services through project lifecycle management.

·   Software and Hardware Certification:

  • Work with DOI and contract engineers to develop, operate, and maintain all facets of DOI network infrastructure, including all certifications for all hardware and software.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) pertaining to DOI telecommunications remote access infrastructure and provide top-tier guidance for support and design staff
  • Utilize problem management procedures regarding network and service performance

·   Facility Management:

  • Manage the daily Change Advisory Board (CAB) hosting Bureau representatives and Vendor Network Operations Center.

·   Remote Computing Services:

  • Provision users for remote computing within the DOI network infrastructure, facilitate the consolidation of remote access services from all DOI sub bureaus into the DOI Enterprise Services Network (ESN), ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability of DOI ESN Remote Access Services. Identification of requirements, establish objectives, design, evaluate and select specific equipment, deploy and manage new technology and techniques to optimize remote access service offerings,

Responsible for Remote Access Services comprising of 400 remote networks, and 45,000 users making over a million connections per year, Develop and support processes and procedures regarding remote access services and networks outside DOI operational environment, increased availability of ESN Remote Access services, including load balancing and clustering to support up to 20,000 concurrent users.

Program Support

CTEC has provided Program Management Support on large multi-million dollar programs examples are: DHS-CBP (over $100M budget, LANL – 1.2B budget). We are proactive in our communications and coordination efforts on every contract we have manager. Every Customer, Partner, and Staff Member are fully informed and empowered to take action to prevent a problem or seize an opportunity due to our diligent methods highlighted below.

·   Audience

·   Vehicle of Communication

·   Frequency

·   Medium

·   Source

·   Sensitivities

·   Date Delivered

·   Expected Result of All Communications

On every contract we have provided Program Management support (DHS-CBP, DHS-eVerify, House of Representatives modernization, LANL infrastructure upgrade etc.), we ensured the following:

·   Establish and maintain a technically proficient and professionally capable team

·   Continually monitor the quality and timeliness of products and services provided under this contract, ensuring the highest possible performance

·   Identify and clearly define all resources used for the performance of work under the contract

·   Clearly define organization’s roles and relationships

Planning – On every contract we have provided Program Management support (DHS-CBP, DHS-eVerify, House of Representatives modernization, LANL infrastructure upgrade etc.), we ensured the following. describing and scheduling planned activities as well as articulating the accompanying risks and mitigation strategies. We baselined the plan, submitted it to the customer for approval and use this baseline in managing all task activities. Project planning included preparing internal management control documents, such as:

·   Project schedules, which provide overall direction to project activities

·   Project files, which provide a detailed record of task performance against the plans

·   Risk management files that monitor mitigation actions and plans

·   Project organization and staffing plans that define levels of effort by labor category and tasks and also support maximum flexibility in skill utilization

Monitoring, Tracking and ReportingWe used our QCP to identify, monitor, track and report metrics that reflect progress on the tasks of the SOW and helped predict activities required in the future. We used MS-Project software for project management and QuickBooks billing software for our cost monitoring and financial reporting requirements. We used Journyx timekeeping systems and QuickBooks accounting system to deliver a streamlined method for invoicing, tracking time and expenses, job phasing, and billings. In addition to our financial tracking, we employed a performance requirements matrix (Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan) to identify and correct any potential weaknesses or deficiencies in the quality and timeliness of our services. The heart of this matrix is the system of establishing performance objectives and standards, expected quality levels of service, methods of surveillance, and performance incentives. Our performance requirements matrix tracks and records periodic inspection results; these inspection results and corrective actions taken are available upon request.

Functional and Administrative Support

Clerical and Administrative Support

CTEC supports the Army Community Service Program at Ft. Polk. We provide administrative support to office operations and logistical support of contract operations. CTEC personnel deal with correspondence and reports, data reports, training and orientation for soldiers and families as part of the Army Community Service Center.

Specific support areas include:

·   Interviewing and assessment of clients; client referrals and follow-up; crisis support, training support; clerical/ administrative support; perform records and file maintenance; document management and maintenance; online support services for Military One Source website; and quality control support.

·   Provide logistical support to clients; conduct training and briefings; distribute education materials that support families, builds coping skills and ease the stress of deployments experienced by military families; support the Implementation, coordination and administration of the Deployment and Mobilization Program. These services are provided in accordance with AR 608-1, Army Community Services and Fort Polk’s ACS – Standing Operating Procedures.

Analytical and Organizational Assessment Support

CTEC‘s data management activities include the following:

Establishment of baselines, Identification and Versioning, Application development standards, Use of shared components and libraries, Developing build instructions and promotion instructions, Developing backup and disaster protection plans, Performing problem tracking and Developing procedures for non-compliance reporting and corrective action. CTEC personnel perform capacity management by building a scalable network and system architecture and then configured the network to easily add web and application servers to the system to meet the needs of additional user loads and fast response time.

CTEC provides Data Center support services, Database support services, and Business Intelligence support services for the DHS Systematic Alien

Verification for entitlements and Employment Verification (E-Verify) Program. The purpose of this highly visible nationwide Program is to develop, deploy, operate and maintain an Oracle-based query system called Verification Information System (VIS) for verifying alien status to federal, state, and local government agencies and selected commercial companies for the purpose of granting social benefits or employment.

CTEC personnel support an integrated set of Oracle database

applications that:

·   Enable federal, state, and local government agencies’ ability to verify non-citizen eligibility for social benefits

·   Verify eligibility for employment

·   Provide Case Management for resolution of disputed verifications results

·   Provide the VIS Program office and Headquarters with Business Intelligence support services in the form of ad hoc analysis and reporting

Most Efficient Organization (MEO) Teaming Support Services (executed in compliance with Circular No. A-76 dated 29 May 2003)

Since 2012 and on-going, CTEC has been providing Virtual Workforce Training solutions to Defense Acquisition University (DAU). We have evaluated and provided analyses, review and explanation of DAU’s most critical work force skills and for all employees and leaders as needed. CTEC has helped DAU align its workforce planning process with its mission by: Translating mission requirements into workforce requirements, Assess gaps between future needs and current state, looking at multiple aspects of the workforce, including overall size, performance, and scalability, Developing a methodology to align the current and future workforce with an agency's strategic direction, Connect workforce planning to other change enablers, such as business simplification, improved operating practices, and new technologies, Build an internal workforce planning capability to continually shape the workforce in response to environmental influences, changing mission priorities, and technological progress, Developing an executive and management succession planning system, Developing competency-based employee selection tools, Developing an integrated competency and classification system that supports mission, values, and organizational goals, Developing measurement systems and collecting performance baseline data, Designing and developing electronic performance support systems to increase workforce productivity, Recommending strategies for addressing human factors and/or ergonomic or organizational issues that impact productivity, Assessing agency employee relations programs and recommending improvement strategies, Developing employee relations training programs, and Recommending practices that help agencies and individual workers balance work and family priorities

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

We have experience providing multimedia support for public affairs, this involves speech writing, print format collateral support, video production, and event coverage. For DAU, we have provided video teleconference using Adobe Connect, and for our Army Ft. Polk customer, we have provided coverage for events involving soldiers' and their families - photographing VIPs, retirement functions, promotions, award ceremonies, and other public affairs and outreach events. Our highly experienced multimedia team shoots its own videos to include in the courseware that we build for customers such as DAU and DHS-Customs and Border Protection Our UI/UX developers have proficiency in graphic design, motion graphics, digital art, sensitivity to typography and color, a general awareness of materials/textures, and a practical grasp of animation. Knowledge of iOS, OS X, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as familiarity with tools of the trade such as Director, Quartz Composer, Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision,3D computer modeling, and motion graphics.



Cybermedia Technologies Inc. & HackerRank Partner to Help Close the STEM Skills Gap in Federal Government (Apr. 2016)

Cybermedia Technologies Inc. & HackerRank Partner to Help Close the STEM Skills Gap in Federal Government

Government agencies now have access to skill-based assessment tools to help close the skills gap for technology roles, cutting the time-to-hire period from 6- 9 months down to a few weeks.

RESTON, VA, April. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Cybermedia Technologies (CTEC), a leader in providing human capital, cyber security and IT services, and federal hiring expertise to help government agencies fulfill their mission, today announced a partnership with HackerRank, a platform that ranks engineers based on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent faster.   

CTEC and HackerRank are working together to help solve one of the government’s most significant challenges today: Finding and assessing technical and cybersecurity talent quickly.

“Currently, government agencies rely on stagnant job boards and slow error-prone application and selection processes that often take up to six to nine months to fill one position,” says Adam Davidson, Vice President and Portfolio General Manager at CTEC. “Government agencies now have the opportunity to attract the interest of the nation’s best and cut their hiring time down to just weeks thanks to CTEC’s new partnership with HackerRank, an assessment platform that uses competitive gaming as its prime attraction strategy in the discovery of hard to find STEM talent and expertise.”  

HackerRank’s platform uses automated code challenges to assess engineering talent instead of using traditional recruiting methods, like manual job applications or resumes. Government agencies can now screen massive volumes of candidates quickly. Furthermore, CTEC helps federal agencies with a range of highly scalable, fully customized federal talent acquisition and training solutions compliant with federal hiring law, procedures and regulated down-selection protocols.

This news comes after a string of recent announcements from the White House, which call for bolstering the technology and data science teams in government agencies. Earlier this month, Maryland’s Representative Steny Hoyer, introduced a White House proposal to Congress, which would authorize an investment of $3.1 billion to replace federal legacy systems with more flexible, innovative systems. The existing systems are not only hard to maintain but also expensive and susceptible to cyber security threat. Last month, the president signed into law the the Competitive Services Act 2015, allowing any agency to hire qualified candidates from any other agency’s list of certified eligible qualified candidates into similar roles.  

As the government is ramping up its technology, cybersecurity and data science workforce, this partnership will help streamline the government’s hiring practices. The partnership will empower government agencies to use the same competitive innovations in tech recruiting as the private sector. Now, the federal government will have both the advantage of a streamlined, skill-based and automated hiring system, as well as the federal recruitment expertise and the ability to procure the HackerRank platform through CTEC’s 8(a) STARS II contract vehicle.

About Cybermedia Technologies Inc. (CTEC):

Cybermedia Technologies, Inc. (an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with a stellar reputation throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1996, Cybermedia Technologies, Inc. exists to help our customers achieve the maximum return on their IT and human capital investments.

About HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform that ranks engineers based solely on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent and save time to hire. We're driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. Over 1,000 companies use HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

Media Contact:
Debbie Vongphakdy

CTEC is Growing! Short Move (Upstairs) to New Office Space

Reston, Va. (February 1, 2015) — CTEC is moving up in the world. Our Reston headquarters has changed locations. It’s the same building, but you can find us in a new and expanded office space on the third floor. Feel free to stop by and visit us in our new home!

CTEC Awarded Follow-on Contract with the DAU

Reston, Va. (January 26, 2015) — CTEC was awarded a two-year, follow-on contract with the Defense Acquisition University to support the development of learning assets and training courses for the College of Contract Management.

CTEC Awarded BPA by Virginia Housing Development Authority

Reston, Va. (January 2015) — CTEC has added a new client. The Virginia Housing Development Authority will be looking to CTEC to provide IT, project management and human resources staff augmentation support services under a new BPA.

CTEC Awarded Follow-on Contract with the U.S. House of Representatives

Reston, Va. (January 2015) — CTEC will continue to provide support for the U.S. House of Representatives’ applications modernization efforts using Oracle E-Business Suite.

CTEC Awarded Web Modernization Contract with the Department of the Interior

Reston, Va (December 21, 2014) — CTEC is developing a Drupal-content management website based on a cloud platform.

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